From Homework Writing to Self-Publishing: Enjoy Your Way

Highway in Desert

What do you need to start writing? When I was a student, I knew some guys for whom the best reason to start working on their school essays was the deadline, approaching to them as inexorably as a tornado. I should admit, sometimes I also ranked myself among them, however hard it was for my inner perfectionist, striving to complete the biggest part of the homework in advance. But you know, the most interesting thing about it all was the fact that such forethought could hardly get me out of the heaps of assigned home papers.

Nevertheless, it has always been something absolutely different when I try to keep my diary or grasp the first pen I see to write down a few nice rhymes. So, returning to my question, I must say that I have almost found the answer to satisfy myself, but this is still not enough for me. With the great support of my wonderful friends I launched this blog to share the ideas I already have with you, as well as to motivate myself to learn more about what I call the obvious and the concealed sides of the writing.

Frankly speaking, I am not very good at building brand-new theories. I tend to stick more to the practical side of the issue. That is why I welcome you to discover as much truth about various types of writing as it is possible, to learn interesting, creative and effective know-hows, to sharpen your writing skills, and to feed your inspiration with fresh topics for your next piece. Here we go!

A Few Words About Your Athor4Hire

Laptop in Cafe

After I graduated from college, I worked peacefully as freelance web content writer. At the same time, I tried to participate in various web projects to gain that IT knowledge and experience I lacked after 6 years of studying Humanities. Actually, one of these projects and the team I joined to work with inspired me to risk launching this website. Together with the world’s most enthusiastic bunch of content writers, bloggers and web-developers we have designed this blog for everybody who is seeking for writing inspiration and advice on the vast expanses of the Internet.

So, let us overview our brainchild briefly!

This Is a Lavish Fountain of Materials for Your Writing

What my study and work experience taught me is that it is always good to have at least some idea of what you are going to write about. That is why I would like to see my blog full of really useful factual info, and only by my personal discourse.

Cooler Than Wikipedia

At first, I must highlight that I do like various online encyclopedias and use them for my work. However, I wish they were written in human English or German (I know some German as well). That is why our team are going to replenish the blog with tons of helpful articles in plain English and formatted more nicely than on other sources.

Multiple Topics

We are going to cover a lot of spheres of our everyday activity. We will go back to the past and learn to foresee the future. Together with you we will learn the latest news of technology and education, reveal the secrets of history and discover many other compelling things!

This Is a Really Readable Guide on Academic Papers

I do not remember clearly what was written in my thesis paper guidebook, but I can say confidently that it was impossible to understand. I was lucky to have a really good supervisor, so I did not need that guidebook very much. However, in this blog I do want to provide transparent guidelines on how to write various school and college papers.

Ready Examples

Here you will find a great many of examples to use in your own works. Explore brief and smartly organized pieces of information, ready to be inserted smoothly in your essays.

Valid Reasons and Arguments

Our blog also discusses many controversial and even rhetorical issues. Studying different sources of opposite opinions, we strive to analyze everything and come up with rational reasons and arguments for you to be able to convince your readers confidently in your works.


This Is a Motivator for Your Personal Creative Activity

Do dream of your own book? Let me throw out to you a whole array of nice tips and tricks to make your dream come true. You know, I also store a lot of unfinished stories on my laptop. So, we are going to fight our procrastination together.

Writing Is Not Just a Hobby

It should be and it actually is something more. If this is what brings you satisfaction with your day and what your friends really like, then why not turn it into your career, or something like that? There was a time I was really interested in it, so I would like to share my achievements with you.

Know What Your Audience Want

It is a very delicate art. Knowing your readers’ worries and preferences can help you make your style both flexible and exciting. Such flexibility will enable you to adjust to your audience’s moods, therefore making your texts more and more popular. Remember that even budding writers are quite sensitive guys who can feel these moods, though not always can they understand these feelings. So, I hope in this blog you will find some explanations and learn how to get to know your potential readers closer.

This Is Your Source of Good Mood for Every Day

Once you may get really tired of all this strategic and out-of-the-box thinking, guidelines and recommendations. This is when you need just a piece of good sunny news, a funny joke – anything to make yourself smile. This is what I have here for you as well.