8 Things to Make You Happy: Time to Go


Undoubtedly, the question “How to become happy” disturbs every of us. During the whole human history, various philosophers tried to give the irrefragable answer. However, not all of them supported the idea of possibility to become happy. Some just refused to accept the idea of happiness and gave the preference to the notion “satisfaction.” Nevertheless, the concept of happiness remains of our interest.

“To be happy” sounds like a challenge for us. However, it isn’t so complicated task as it may seem. In fact, just change in your attitude towards specific things can bring some notes of happiness. Start to live without opinions of others and then you will live happily. Therefore, this article is aimed at revealing the most inspiring things which could help to satisfy even the most fastidious artist.

Greet the Dawn

Instead of waking up with terrible mood and horrible thoughts about the working day, you should get up earlier in order to see the beautiful moments of wonderful dawn. According to some scientists, contemplation of natural beauty has a positive impact on our health, especially on mental condition. It charges with positive energy and has a soothing effect on our health. By the way, during these amazing moments, you are able to create a plan for the working day and start to accomplish tasks accordingly.

Here and Now

Thoughts about future are always frightening. You cannot predict where you will be in 5 years. Or what will happen to you in 2 years…Or even what happen to you tomorrow! So, stop thinking about what you cannot prevent or avoid. You should learn to enjoy the moment here and now. Not tomorrow, not in 5 or 7 years. It gives you the opportunity to look at life from the different point of view. And then you will notice things that you have never noticed before. Surprisingly, but these things are amazing! For instance, it is a good idea to go to the cinema alone and watch the film that you are pleased with. By the way, popcorn is only yours:)

Do Today Not Tomorrow

According to some scientists, loose ends have a negative impact on our emotional condition. The feeling of anxiety, call of duty and fussiness are permanent attributes of loose ends. Therefore, our nervous system suffers from constant pressure. And as we know, nerve cells do not regenerate. Moreover, if you put the stuff off, it can have a property to deteriorate and worsen.  As a result, it will be harder for you to accomplish tasks. So just do what you need to do. Firstly, it may seem that writing a school essay or making an annual report is an impossible task. But the mission is possible! Just sit and do it without nagging. And as soon as you finish what you’ve started, you will get the feeling of relieving. This feeling will bring you a surge of strength and pride for yourself. And as it was mentioned in one of the famous novels of the 19th century, happiness is an intense pride.

Read More

Reading is one of fascinating activities that humanity has. It opens the wide range of new worlds and widens the boundaries of imagination. So, try to immerse yourself in the world full of various adventures and emotions. But be careful: reading influences our thoughts. We are experiencing the same emotions as characters in the book. On this matter, tragedies and snotty novels are not appropriate for motivation. Choose some adventure stories or comedies in order to stand aside from the tragedy of the real world. Cup of cacao and favorite book are attributes of a perfect evening, aren’t they?

Keep a Diary


Cannot overcome negative emotions? Always repeat gloomy situations in your mind? Get it down on paper. On this point, you will get rid of intrusive thoughts and maybe find a solution. Diary is a perfect way of analyzing the situations from every angle. Plain paper is a new story. So, share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in order to find harmony in your inner world.

Sing Loudly

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But obviously, you have noticed that few compositions of your favorite singer or group can improve your mood. So, what could be more positive than singing a pair of compositions in unison with your favorite performer? Moreover, it isn’t necessary to buy tickets and go to the concert in order to implement the idea. It is enough to turn your MP3 on and start singing a familiar melody.

Enough Sleep

We know that it is a banal thing, but nevertheless, it is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we have a crazy pace of life where we tend to get everything at once. Our desire to combine all things including work, study, and entertainment in order to satisfy all our needs very often leads to stress and pressure on the nervous system. It is a well-known fact that sleeping is the fundamental process for the successful functioning of our body. So, let yourself at least once a week wake up not because of the alarm clock.

Discover New Places

It refers not only to traveling to other countries. We know that you cannot take a vacation two or three times in a month. Nevertheless, new places are hidden everywhere. Even your city is full of various mysterious places that you have not visited yet. So, start discovering new museums, cafes, historical buildings, etc. New places always bring tones of positive emotions. These impressions will accompany you in all your affairs. Do not hesitate; it is high time to explore your city!

We hope that this article will help you to cope with difficulties you may face. These pieces of advice are just a drop in the ocean. Nevertheless, it may inspire you to develop your personal “happy issues.” Don’t be afraid of looking for your own source of happiness.

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