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Even if his personality and biography were slightly romanticized to create a positive and popular role model for religious descendants, John of the Cross still became a very prominent figure of his times and the entire history of Spain. What did he actually want? What were all his efforts actually directed towards? Probably, these questions will never be answered. But one thing is absolutely clear: this clergyman and martyr believed that everything wrong could be changed for the best and all mistakes could be corrected if people’s hearts were filled with faith and love. Continue reading →

Typical Inquisition

Inquisition – a special forces of the only and infallible Vicar of God on the Earth. It had been carrying light and cleansing for the masses for 650 years, from 1184 to 1834. A profitable subsidiary of “The Roman Catholic Church” TM Joint Stock Company, which killed about one million European citizens during its existence. Known for its dissident’s battue because of economic reasons, human interrogation methods and concern for the salvation of lost souls. Continue reading →

Scared Person

Have you ever thought about a nature of fear? Scientists state that it appears as a reaction to a certain aggravator in order to protect you from a negative experience that you might have had or can experience in future. However, it often appears that fears are reasons for our failures or not achieving desired heights. We have reviewed what students and young specialists are afraid of and compiled a list of top-8 fears. Continue reading →


Let’s assume that you already have a topic or that at least you realize what you are going to write about. Maybe, you have even searched through the Internet and come across a few great sources to feed your inspiration with. Probably, you have already started your work on the plan or outline for your project. Well done! Beginning is the most difficult part of every big business! Continue reading →


Undoubtedly, the question “How to become happy” disturbs every of us. During the whole human history, various philosophers tried to give the irrefragable answer. However, not all of them supported the idea of possibility to become happy. Some just refused to accept the idea of happiness and gave the preference to the notion “satisfaction.” Nevertheless, the concept of happiness remains of our interest. Continue reading →

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