Editing & proofreading


Students often at times very interesting piece of work and despite being appreciated by everyone tend to score below the average score. The issue is not in their work for their mind is brilliant and has brought an exceptional piece of work to life. The issue lies within the format and how it is written. Often students fail to understand that writing is completely different from thinking something creative or informative. In academic writing students often fail to provide the right flow of information or to structure their sentences that can make more sense. This often results in their work being rejected and becomes a threat to their motivation to work exceptionally.


Having seen that many of exceptional student’s careers go to waste Author4Hire launched its editing and proofreading services in UAE. Our services instantly got attention and many of the brilliant minds turn in their piece of work to raise its standard to impeccable. Providing editing and proofreading services in UAE we uncovered many students who learned from our services and in turn never needed any help from then on. Nearly 32% of the students handled by Author4Hire to provide editing and proofreading services in UAE turned out to grasp on the idea behind writing a perfect paper easily. These students excelled in their career and never needed any help until now. Many students take editing and proofreading services very lightly and turns out that they learn the lesson the hard way into the future. Editing and proofreading can be estimated into 30%-35% of the total work. Students underestimate its power and to be honest the universities in UAE have failed to address that as well. We have encountered many universities whose negligence has failed the students.


Despite the fact that editing and proofreading sounds like a child’s play but it isn’t. It carries a significant contribution to a paper and therefore it can easily jeopardize a student’s master piece. Author4Hire have been to great extent to provide impeccable editing and proofreading services to ensure that the students not only get a boost in their grades but also to help them understand what they have been doing wrong and to help them overcome the hurdles of making a perfect paper. Author4Hire has managed to have some of the best professionals from educational institutes who help provide student with these services. The stakes are high but so are our standards.