Top-8 Fears that Hinder Your Success

Scared Person

Have you ever thought about a nature of fear? Scientists state that it appears as a reaction to a certain aggravator in order to protect you from a negative experience that you might have had or can experience in future. However, it often appears that fears are reasons for our failures or not achieving desired heights. We have reviewed what students and young specialists are afraid of and compiled a list of top-8 fears.

Fear #1. Denial

People would not be able to survive without interacting and communicating with other people. We get used to it so much that opinions and reactions of others become crucial for us. Therefore, a fear of not-acceptance appears. At work or in college, one might be afraid to apply for promotion or a scholarship even if they are sure that they deserve it. This happens just because they do not want to be rejected.

However, there is one simple truth – if you never ask, you will never know, and the answer will be no by default. Do not hesitate to request the things that you need as sometimes your initiative is the only way to get them.

Fear #2. Unknown

Comfort Zone

If you are going to change something in your life you do not know for sure how your decision today will affect your life tomorrow. We do not feel comfortable when we need to get out of our comfort zone but this is how you can change things for better. When you remain in the same state, doing the same things for years, you should not expect different results than you get every day. Do not try to persuade yourself that your life is good enough – look for perfection!

Fear #3. Failure

Nobody likes to be a loser. The feeling of trying so hard but to fail is one of the ugliest things that one might come across. However, you will not meet a permanent winner anywhere on the Earth. If you open a biography of any successful person you will see that there were much more failures than victories. Sometimes, you need to lose several battles in order to win the whole war.

The sad thing is that many people do not even think about trying something new as they are 100% sure that it will not have success. In fact, this is the failure, not a lost attempt. Our advice is not to take failures as steps to the results that you want to achieve.

Fear #4. Losing Freedom

It may sound weird but many people feel that if they change their life anyhow they will lose the freedom which they have at the moment. When we talk about career advancements, it may mean that a person will have more responsibilities, a different working schedule. Therefore, the promoted employee might feel more pressure and get into more stressful situations until the new roles become comfortable to him or her.

In case you value the freedoms that you have at the moment so much that you cannot imagine that you lose them, you should concentrate on those benefits that you might not possess at the moment and will get instead. The new role may be more interesting, can develop new skills and bring new knowledge, not mentioning the higher payment. Remember that fortune likes those who are able to risk. Take the changes as a challenge that will bring you to a better life.

Fear #5. Greediness


Most career promotions are desired by employees so strongly due to the better salary that they are able to get. This is the reason for improving their positions at current works or looking for the better job opportunities in other places.

However, there is a small contradiction between the person’s desire and actions in such a situation. When it is time to tell the desired amount for your work, you often appear to be afraid to name the value of your time and efforts that you really think is fair. People do not worry to seem greedy and for this reason, they might not get what they deserve. There is a prejudice that it is not nice to talk about money in public, which is why we are brought up in the manner as if money is something that we should not discuss with others. Such attitude usually leads people to inability to earn well.

Fear #6. Judgment

Although young people often try to show that they do not care about anything, the fear of judgment is very typical. When you apply to the college or for a job, you will be judged for sure. Other people will review your achievements, read your cover letters and decide whether you are a worthy candidate.

The anticipation of the result and feeling that someone may think that you are not the best one may not be the most pleasant one. However, applications are always a contest and one cannot become a winner without being a participant.

Fear #7. Disappointment

No one likes being upset. And when you are in a pursuit of changes there are chances that everything will not be going smoothly all the time.

If you are doing your best but do not get the expected results right away, you will definitely feel sad and be likely to quit your tries. Nevertheless, you should realize that patience is a quality that will help you to overcome all difficulties and resist bad mood for the sake of the bright future. Remember that if you do not take a chance that you have now you will regret later more.

Fear #8. Imperfection

When the applicant is looking for the new job, he or she checks the requirements of the employer and job description. Very often, young people are not applying for the positions that they dream about because that find several points in the demands that they do not meet. For this reason, they may go for a lower-paid or an uninteresting job.

You should be aware that every job position is created by recruiters who are willing to get the ideal candidate at once, even though they have never met such a person which they describe in their life. If you see that you are missing some skills but you feel that you can easily earn them, do not be afraid to send your application. On the stage of a job interview, you will be able to prove that you are the perfect one.

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